Artist's Rights and Publication Terms

I. Your Copyrights at Publication

Any and all content contributed by you to Forbidden Peak Press is owned by Forbidden Peak Press and we retain sole copyright over the materials you have submitted for a period of one year. During this year, you do not maintain the right to publish your content elsewhere, online or offline, at any time and without any credit to Forbidden Peak Press. Once the year has elapsed, as defined as one year from the publication date of your piece(s), you gain the right to publish the work elsewhere exclusively under the terms listed in section II. By contributing content to our website, you are granting Forbidden Peak Press a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and worldwide license to use your content in connection with the operation of the website, including, without limitation, the license rights to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, edit, translate and reformat your content indefinitely. We may also from time to time use a brief excerpt from your content to promote your work, and Forbidden Peak Press, on various social media networks or by other means not mentioned here.

II. Your Subsequent Copyrights

After a full year from the publication date has elapsed, the copyright on your work changes, enabling you to publish and share the work elsewhere. This is the only modification to your rights, and all agreements and rights in section I remain. Should you choose to publish or share your work, such as on social media, a personal website or collection, or a chapbook or other publication, you must give credit and mention to Forbidden Peak Press. 


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