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David van den Berg - Dear Icarus

i found a polaroid of you and me at thirteen and you

wore a tie and held a balloon and i had some top hat on with glasses and we both looked so serious that i---

well, anyway.

did you always know that you would fly?

even there in the hallway when you sold pecker pills to the other kids and i said shit i’ll take one and you said nah it’s only sudafed

even when half-naked, you and i ran laughing through fat old english tourists

‘cause i remember the last time i saw what you became as you


and tried to wash your face out of the mirror.

icarus i’m sorry.

i saw the scars but

didn’t ask where your feathers had gone.

and i have so many questions now

and you aren’t here to answer them.

just know that i can see you then

alone and

scared and losing




when you stepped off that balcony

did you look back at all?

David van den Berg grew up hunting and fishing in the swamps of Florida. He studied anthropology and religion before moving to LA, where he works as an actor and writer. He is also the Founder of Prometheus Dreaming (@prometheusdreamingmag), an online culture magazine. His poetry appears in 'From Whispers to Roars' and 'The Blue Mountain Review.' His short film '5th Dimension' recently won 'Best Short Film' at the 2018 FrightFest.

You can find him on instagram @ohnonotthatguygoddamnit


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