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John McDonough - Opening Day - Fenway Park


lots of it

That Left Fielder with the long hair your wife loves so much

The one who is built for

Scrubbing doubles clear off of the scoreboard

Erasing the gap in Left-Center like so much sidewalk chalk

Face made for laying in the grass somewhere

a face not made for finishing things he started

The smell of over-priced sausage

Beer on the concrete


Almost too cold for baseball

But the grass is green so it almost fools you

Second Baseman

Balding and a shade too serious

A newspaper asking for his job

His throws are lifeless

Send him to Toronto for someone

Who reminds us less of our own mortality

But it’s opening day

and his surgically repaired knee feels 21

and it’s itching to put a dent on that green tin wall

Tomorrow he will look ten years older and we will all say

What happened?

Who let this happen?

Today we all have one foot in the batter’s box and one in the past

But today is opening day at Fenway Park

And if you close your eyes Pedro is Pitching

If you close your eyes it’s Luis Tiant

27 cigars lined up in his locker

Whoever is pitching today is toeing the rubber now

As gentle as organ music

Kicking the dust off

Forgetting Christmas

And soon he will be throwing

Throwing to a batter and when ball hits leather it will be summer

And winter won’t have died for nothing

Someone will throw it back and we will do it all again

The curve is flying like its avoiding sniper fire

There are birds near the Triangle by the bullpen

Time isn’t marching anywhere but a World Series now

Fingers searching for red stitches

Fingers hidden in a glove

And time isn’t marching anywhere now

The catcher is crouched


John McDonough is a New England transplant living in Dickinson, North Dakota with his wife, two dogs, and lizard: John Jr. He enjoys fossil hunting, smoking cigars, and playing disk golf. His poetic inspirations include Sid Vicious, Roberto Clemente, and CM Punk.


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