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Kenneth Pobo - The 1935 Waupaca “Lady” Calendar, Howard Clock

The 1935 Waupaca “Lady” Calendar

Coy, holding roses,

unemployment 20.1%,

her bare shoulders,

Is she waiting for someone--

or waiting for Goodman’s swing?

Behind squares

offering dates.

If you need cash,

play Monopoly,

Be a landlord on a board.

She has a story.

No one asks to hear it.

Fully visible, she keeps

hidden in Wisconsin,

failing farms,

housewives churning butter,

sweat in graying hair.

Howard Clock

Wind roughs up

lake water. An eagle

heads for a pine

on the opposite shore.

The tree must

welcome her.

Water, calm down.

It’s like a silver

Howard clock,

cord broken,

yet time pushes

deep into my living


Kenneth Pobo has a new book out called Dindi Expecting Snow (Duck Lake Books). His work has appeared or will appear in: North Dakota Quarterly, Mudfish, Hawaii Review, Amsterdam Review, and elsewhere.


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