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Robert Rubino - UFO Abduction

Rotting rustic termite-teeming rural rented bungalow high on wine country hill wasn’t without its charms it’s why those human creatures fell in languorous love with it as clueless as they’d fallen in love with each other or had fallen in love with potent notion of falling in love with love of free-falling falling free in late middle age leaving former lives behind like extra baggage too weighty to be taken on this latest flight of fanciful selfish journey of self-discovery falling in lulling dulling love with views of sun-dappled vineyards & flash-flooding Laguna de Santa Rosa’s flying buzzing creeping crawling swampy primal life fallen for location location location its privacy primacy promise of permanent cheap rent courtesy of bohemian pothead libertarian landlord until his sudden death in head-on crash mere mile away until sudden strange singular lives broke in like some home invasion broke up human couple’s co-habited habitat couple of human critters seized in uncharted seas of early retirement their born again stranger single lives what once permeated permanence crashed head-on slashed nine long years that flirted with forever into nine short years gone without a trace like a UFO abduction.

Robert Eugene Rubino's poetry has appeared in The Esthetic Apostle and The Write Launch and is forthcoming in Raw Art Review. His prose has appeared in Hippocampus, Cagibi, The Esthetic Apostle and Elysian Fields Quarterly and is forthcoming in High Shelf Press. For more than thirty years he was a daily copy editor and weekly columnist at various newspapers. He's old enough to have seen Willie Mays at the Polo Grounds and smart enough to nail the New York Times crossword puzzle each Monday (other days not so much). He lives in Palo Alto, California.


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